Tip 7: Preparing for a tattoo

How do you prepare yourself for the day you get tattooed?

The day you get tattooed is truly a special day, both for you and for the artist. It is perfectly normal to be excited. It is important to prepare yourself to endure the pain that you have to go through. The more you are prepared, the better your body will handle it. Like we said, there is an amount of pain, but it is bearable.

It is extremely important that you prepare yourself to be in a static position for a long amount of time as moving might ruin the tattoo and also hurt you!

It is suggested that you sleep and rest well the night before, avoid drinking alcoholic drinks as it tends to thin the blood and it makes the process more difficult. A good breakfast in the morning does no harm, it actually prepares you for the day. A shower in the morning is highly recommended, both for hygiene and for morale.

You should bring with you some snacks, a mobile charger, headphones or a playlist that you know will help you pass time and help you focus on the song more than the pain. Legally we cannot give you any painkillers in case you have a headache, so it is ideal that if you think you might need any medication, bring some from home.

Upon arrival to the studio, you will be given a consent form to fill in as required by the Health Authority.

What kind of questions will there be on the consent form?

You will find these questions on the consent form. If any one of the answers is “Yes”, it is very important to inform the artist. In case of any medical problems, the artist will need a document from a doctor or your specialist to be able to tattoo you. Make sure that you have already discussed the conditions you have talked to the doctor about.

Are there any things you can’t do after getting the tattoo?

If you donate blood routinely or are thinking of donating blood in the near future, then do so before getting your tattoo. Some people might not be aware that for 6 months from the day you get a tattoo, you cannot donate blood. This is done to safeguard the health of vulnerable patients since there are certain viruses and infections that can be contracted whilst getting tattooed that do not manifest themselves before 6 months. However, this is only the case if you get tattooed in an unsafe and unsanitary environment.

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