Tip 2: Discreet places

The most discreet areas one might consider would be the chest, the ribs, the upper leg and the back.

CHEST: The chest is a very advantageous place to get a tattoo as it is a nice large canvas. Although you enjoy looking at the tattoo everyday in the mirror it is also easy to cover with a T-shirt but can also be exposed with a V-neck shirt or a slightly open button-up shirt.

RIBS: The ribs are a particular canvas due to their shape. Although it is one of the most painful areas to get tattooed, it is also one of the areas where you can get some cool artwork both for both females and males.

UPPER LEG: The upper leg is one of the places I consider to be the most comfortable to tattoo, both in terms of pain and in terms of the position you have to spend hours in while getting tattooed as you simply lay down on your back. The biggest advantage to this area for a man is that it is the area where the skin colour is the lightest for the simple reason that it rarely sees much sunlight. Thanks to this, the tattoo will have more contrast and will still look good for a longer amount of time due to it being covered most of the time. In the case of a woman, with the proper attire, she will be able to show off parts or all of the tattoo.

BACK: The back is the biggest canvas we have, It is also a very discreet area that can be covered easily. The
biggest disadvantage of doing a back tattoo is that you will be the one that sees it the least, but on the other hand, it will be the most appreciated piece by the viewer.

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