Tip 3: Choosing the right artist

When does the search for an artist begin?

The moment you know what style of tattoo you want, the search for an artist begins. In Malta there are more than 250 artists registered with the health authority. Many of these artists are dedicating themselves to their work in order to give their client the best possible result for their tattoo. Some choose to perfect a certain style and work exclusively in that style . In Malta, one can use platforms like RUBS Malta, and you can ask for recommendations for artists specialising in your chosen style.

Do some research on the recommended artists and see if their work matches what you are looking for. Follow the artist that seems most suitable (there is no need for a friend request), this way, not only do you see his/her previous work, you will also be notified of any new works s/he might does. You can also observe his/her consistency with regards to quality. Most artists have an instagram account and a facebook account, it would be a good idea to check the artist out on both platforms.

What should the next step be once the artist is chosen?

Once you choose the artist that suits you best, contact him/her and give a good description of your desired tattoo. Send the reference picture you found along with the area that you want tattooed. (Finding good references will be tackled in another article). It is important that the picture of the area is taken properly and in good lighting by someone else (avoid taking the picture in the mirror).

Most artists are booked in advance for most upcoming months. The process usually starts with a consultation if the tattoo is complicated, some consultations can even be done online. This is why it’s always good to contact the artist and see what his/her situation and process is like from his/her end. With regards to the reference pictures, you should have more than one picture so the artist can get a better idea and also has the space to work and be creative. One picture will limit the artist and it will show that the client did not do proper research or did not research enough. To me, tattooing is a big responsibility and I need to see the client getting a tattoo for the right reasons.

It is after this discussion that a quotation can be asked for. The price usually varies depending on size and the sessions’ duration. It is easier to give a quotation for a small tattoo than it would be for a project like a full sleeve. Obviously, the artist can give you an idea of the price and time or choose to give a fixed price. If the quotation is agreed upon, normally a date would be set for the tattoo to be done and a deposit would be taken that would be deducted from the final price.

Choose wisely, don’t choose an artist simply because s/he charges less or takes less time. The tattoo will stay with you for life. Find someone who you genuinely like, speak to him/her, see that you are comfortable with that artist and eventually, you will have something to cherish.

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