Tip 4: Referencing

A tattoo, in one way or another, will represent you and give a message of who you are and what you like.

Most of the time, the area for the tattoo would be determined by the subject of your chosen tattoo. It is good to come to the consultation with an idea of where you want your tattoo to be but it is also good to go to the appointment with an open mind for new ideas.

How do you find good referencing for your Tattoo?

The first place I always suggest is Pinterest which is a free application.

How should you use this application?

Many people already use this application, but for those who don’t, I suggest you download it. It is an app that is used to find ideas in the form of pictures.

Start by booting up the website (www.pinterest.com) and sign up by using your Google or Facebook account or you can make a Pinterest account.

I always suggest that you create a board/folder and name it “Tattoo” where you can save the pictures you find that resemble what you want into this specific board.

Anything that piques your interest, just press save.

As soon as you choose a picture, more related pictures will come up when you scroll down. Once unrelated pictures start to show, simply go back to the original search and choose anther picture.

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